In June of 2021 I moved into an apartment that overlooks the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The panoramic view faces the east side, at the corner where the southeast solid side of the building meets the Greek temple columns along the northeast side. The large dolomite stone walls act as canvases, painted by the seasons, weather and time of day. Throughout the year I’ve observed the movement of the sun and moon as they glide over this stately building. I’m entranced by the majesty of nature with her robes of color sailing across the sky. Storms and seasons come and go, rendering the building almost insignificant at times. In the evening, as the sky darkens the Greek columns are

lit and the structure takes on another stance. The hours and seasons bring their own particular light and grace. This passage of time was seen through a lens of attention, respect and gratitude.

PMA 6_1_21.jpeg

PMA 6.1.21

PMA 06.3.21.jpeg

PMA 6.3.21

PMA 6.4.21.JPG

PMA 6.4.21

PMA 6.19.21.jpeg

PMA 6.19.21

PMA 6.21.21.jpeg

PMA 6.21.21

PMA 9.4.21.jpeg

PMA 9.4.21, 6:38 AM

PMA 9.23.21.jpeg

PMA 9.23.21

PMA 9.26.21.jpeg

PMA 9.26.21, 7:07 AM

PMA 9.28.21.jpeg

PMA 9.28.21

PMA 10.1.21.jpeg

PMA 10.1.21

PMA 10.3.21.jpeg

PMA 10.3.21

PMA 11.4.21.jpeg

PMA 11.4.21

PMA 12.14.21.jpeg

PMA 12.14.21 

PMA 1.1.22.jpeg

PMA 1.1.22, 7:12 AM

PMA 1.7.22.jpeg

PMA 1.7.22, 7:30 AM

PMA 1.7.22 PM.jpeg

PMA 1.7.22

PMA 1.8.22.jpeg

PMA 1.8.22

PMA 1.9.22.jpeg

PMA 1.9.22, 7:38 AM

PMA 1.16.22.jpeg

PMA 1.16.22

PMA 1.20.220194.jpeg

PMA 1.20.22

PMA 1.21.220198.jpeg

PMA 1.21.22

21922 701.jpg

PMA 2.19.22, 7:01 AM

PMA 2.24.22.jpeg

PMA 2.24.22, 6:45 AM 

PMA 2.25.22.jpeg

PMA 2.25.22

PMA 3.15.22.jpeg

PMA 3.15..22

PMA 3.17.22DSC.JPG

PMA 3.17.22

PMA 3.19.22 Horizontal.jpeg

PMA 3.19.22, 7:17 AM

PMA 3.24.22DSC.JPG

PMA 3.24.22

PMA 3.25.22.jpeg

PMA 3.25.22

PMA 3.28.22 panorama.jpeg

PMA 3.28.22

PMA 3.28.22 PM.jpeg

PMA 3.28.22

PMA 3.28.22.jpeg

PMA 3.28.22

PMA 3.29.22.jpeg

PMA 3.29.22

PMA 4.3.22.jpeg

PMA 4.3.22 

PMA 4.5.22.jpeg

PMA 4.5.22

PMA 04.7.22.jpeg

PMA 4.7.22

PMA 4.11.22.jpeg

PMA 4.11.22

PMA 4.13.22.jpeg

PMA 4.13.22

PMA 4.17.22.jpeg

PMA 4.17.22

PMA 5.13.22.jpeg

PMA 5.13.22

PMA 5.8.22 INT 121.jpeg

PMA, 5.8.22, Interior

PMA 5.8.22 INT 1120.jpeg

PMA, 5.8.22, Interior

PMA 5.8.22 INT.jpeg

PMA, 5.8.22, Interior

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