I began to draw and paint the eight interlaced circles after I saw them in my church on new missals. I was attracted to the design and the organizing pattern. I paint them as thin lines or focus on the circles' centers. They are painted with the colors of nature: flora, land, sea and sky. I then started to play with omitting parts of the circles and have found the possibilities are endless. 


Drawing and painting the circles calms me and brings me to a meditative place. They free me to paint without regard to representation – only the pattern and color matter. Whatever unrest I’m feeling the circles have become another form of contemplation for me. I have discovered as people throughout the centuries have that the divine design of sacred geometry has been, and will continue to be a center of peace for people amid the chaos and uncertainty of the times.

circle Black_edited.jpg

B+W Circle I, ink + black marker on paper

circle black heavier.jpeg

B+W Circle II, ink + black marker on paper

circle some black.jpeg

B+W Circle–Partial, ink + black marker on graph paper

circle wc rainbow.jpeg

Color Circle I, watercolor on handmade recycled Indian cotton paper

circle wc blue.jpeg

Color Circle II, watercolor on handmade recycled Indian cotton paper

circle wc some blue.jpeg

Color Circle III, watercolor on handmade recycled Indian cotton paper

Circle 1.JPG

Sky, Land + Sea I, gouache on watercolor paper

Circle 4_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Sky, Land + Sea II, acrylic on mixed media paper

Circle 3_edited_edited.jpg

Sky, Land + Sea III, oil on prepared oil paper


Sea + Sky,  oil on prepared oil paper

Circle 5_edited.jpg

Sky, Land + Sea IV, oil on prepared oil paper

Forsythia 04_22_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Forsythias, oil on prepared oil paper

Spring 04_22_edited.jpg

Spring, oil on prepared oil paper

Windy Day 04_22_edited_edited.jpg

Windy Day, oil on prepared oil paper

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