In 2016 I was granted a yearlong artist residency at the William Steeple Davis home and studio in Orient, on the north fork of Long Island, New York. I moved there in November when the air was getting crisp and the sunsets golden as the leaves.

It's a captivating place of color and light, surrounded by Long Island Sound on the north side and several bays to the south, with a sovereign sky dominating it all. I could see Orient Bay from several of the windows in the house. I watched it obsessively when I was there, starting in the early predawn light to the last sliver of color in the evening. Sometimes I painted what I saw, but often I stood before it, watching the shimmer and shadows from the rising or setting sun, consuming the beauty.


The sea and sky were all I could think about and that sacred horizon where they meet - a "thin place," where heaven and earth truly kiss. As the seasons came and went I absorbed the beauty and fragrance that surrounded me. I walked, biked, paddled, swam and wandered to wherever the wisdom of that place took me. It is now stored in my memory bank, especially the colors.


It was a year of learning to trust where I was placed, at a certain time in my life, and how to move from there.


Orientation, collage 12"x12"

Light on the bay.jpg

Light on the Bay, oil 12" x 12" SOLD


Last Light on the Sound, oil, 12"x12"   SOLD

Tree by the Bay, oil, 11"x14"   SOLD

...by the sea, oil, 11"x14"   SOLD

Bay Memories

oil painting on canvas 18" x 24"  SOLD

The Stories Come Out at Night, oil, 8"x8"

T H E   V E R T I C A LS: Homage to Rothko


Bay Light, Late Fall, Orient  oil, 11"x14"  SOLD

Bay Light, Late Fall, Orient  oil, 9"x12"  SOLD

Bay, Winter Light, Orient  oil, 9"x12"  SOLD

Channeling Rothko  oil, 9"x12"   SOLD

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